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Polycarbonates Division

Polycarbonate panels

The primary products of this division are polycarbonate panels. We provide the sale of polycarbonate panels of the world-famous brands Makrolon, Palram, Politec and Rodeca. To the complete product range of cellular, solid and corrugated polycarbonate (PC) the mounting accessories are added.


As part of the expansion of its supplies for DIY (do-it-yourself) Zenit also adopted complete kits of garden polycarbonate greenhouses for its product range that comprise panels made of a high quality cellular polycarbonate. Their advantage is their simple method of assembly with the use of slide rails. These kits include sliding doors and adjustable windows for effective ventilation.

Our polycarbonate garden greenhouses that are available in several sizes are also suitable for hobby-growing in limited spaces.

PVC panels

The Polycarbonates Division is also active in the distribution of plastic glazing panels suitable for roofing pergolas, terraces, winter gardens, swimming pools, industrial skylights and sports facilities.

The biaxially stretched ONDEX sheets in the ECOLUX model series are among the basic product range of the ONDEX company. These sheets can be used indoors as partition walls, for glazing windows and doors, as translucent panels, for glazing shower areas, as decorations and for the exterior as barriers against wind, for pergolas or garden sheds, above entrances or for gazebos, arbours, screens, fences, etc.

Mounting accessories

The Zenit company provides a complete range of products of several makes, inclusive of all their mounting accessories.

To improve the quality of our service we also provide complete assistance in the areas of technical advice, formatting the products and shipping them directly to the customer.

The indisputable advantage that we offer is our wide range of materials that are ready for immediate delivery.

There is also an option to make purchases through our e-shop.

For a detailed description of all our products and services visit our website polykarbonatove-desky.cz (only in Czech)